Whole House Design

Re-imagining the Place You Call Home

Lord Design will collaborate with you, the contractor, the architect and all of the related trades to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. We will design everything down to the door bell so that you know what you will be getting and have a real idea of what it will cost. Our process ensures that we pay attention to every piece, big or small, which empowers your contractor, and any other professional on the project, to do their best work, efficiently. 

A Shared Vision, AKA: Team work

So much of what we do is about details. Some of them mundane, some very exciting but all of them have to come together with teamwork. We compile all of the elements that go into creating the space you wish to call home. We determine the style of each room, source the supplies and document the information. These extensive efforts lend pragmatism to design, and adhere to practical realities. This makes us excellent collaborators with architects and contractors. We don't just present a beautiful design and say "get to work."…well, yes we do but before that work begins we give all the information, visual and written, that we can and then we work in tandem with the build team to ensure the integrity of the design. It really does take a village.

Bringing Your Project to Life with 3D Views

Yes, like the kind you see on HGTV but better because this IS reality! Every single project from our studio gets the 3D treatment so that you can envision what your finished space will look like before work begins. We can play with finishes, textures and colors in the virtual world so that you can have the most complete understanding of our concepts for your space. We really do pay attention to every detail, from the doorknobs to the grout, and everything in between. The 3D modeling and simulation software we use allows you, the client, to have 3D views of the whole house so that you can tour your project before a single hammer, or piece of art is lifted.  Additionally, 3D images are an invaluable tool for the build team to use on site and in the bidding process. We have had trades people tell us that they want to frame the plans we provide which is a HUGE compliment. They see a lot of plans.


interior design for Whole house remodel

There are so many elements to consider when planning your home from the doorstop to the cabinet door style. We approach every project holistically so that the flow from room to room not only physically works effortlessly but that the materials that make up the spaces also flow beautifully. Our plans, schedules and 3D images are all done in such a way that there is a clear understanding of the design direction and so that the build team has a solid plan from which to bid and build. There is a lot of value in having as much information determined upfront so that you get a real number, not just an educated guess and so things can be ordered and on site on time which moves the project along and get’s you into your home sooner. Over the years we have learned that the partnership between you, the build team and the design team is paramount. We have cultivated great relationships with premier builders and contractors because we know that when something goes wrong…and it will in the world of remodeling…it’s the team that solves the problem.

Space Planning

Too many homes are designed and built without considering how furniture will be laid out and where you need to plug in a lamp. We won’t design a room for you (or your entire home) without taking that into consideration because these details inform where a door should be placed or where an outlet should go so that you don’t have to make costly adjustments down the road. This thoughtfulness ensures that when you move through your newly remodeled home you do so effortlessly and that is the definition of elegance.

Bespoke furniture

Bespoke does not mean more expensive, it means you get what you pay for and that it fits! We work with the best local crafts people who take pride in and stand proudly by their work. We work behind the scenes with the makers, covering every little detail from stitching to upholstery tacks so that you don’t have to. If, for some reason, there is an issue to address, they are local and they care. You are not dealing with a big box store and some factory somewhere in the world, it’s right her in Portland. This is one way we love to support other local small business which keeps Portland unique and these trades alive.

window treatments

This is a big one! On occasion there are some projects that don’t call for window treatments, but most do so we consider them from the beginning. Window treatments can transform the look and feel of the space and they are also a big investment. We don’t want you to hang sheets on your windows because you weren’t prepared for the cost which is why we will talk with you upfront about what you need. We have the professional relationships in place that will get everything from blinds to drapes done for you. It’s a significant investment in the look and feel of your home and we want to be sure to get it right.


It’s about the little things. From pillows to art work to the tchotchkes that fill your bookshelf, we want this space to have soul. We love to blend the old with the new and the high with the low to make your space feel curated and interesting, just like you! We encourage taking risks with new items and we embrace the things that are precious to you. Lord Design will help you to pull it all together so that when you plop down on your new sofa and take in your revived surroundings, you feel at home and a little bit cooler than before.

Relevant Projects

Whole House Design is about creating the most authentic expression of you in the spaces you call home. It takes a lot of moving parts to make that happen…but that doesn’t scare us. It’s what we love to do.