Kitchen Design

The Heart of Every Home

Kitchens are all about minutia. They are the confluence point for daily activities and resources. Few rooms in a home are used more than the kitchen. By paying attention to every detail about how a family will use their kitchen, we can create a space that is beautiful and pleasing to use. We'll work with your architects and contractors to make sure every element is in organized and implemented in a way that makes using your kitchen a seamless, joyful activity. 

Bathroom Design

Creating Beauty in A SENSITIVE Space

Not even the kitchen can compare with the sensory / sensitive value of the bathroom. Each bathroom in your home is an intimate, private space in which every day begins and ends. Our services not only ensure that those spaces look beautiful, but that they operate in a way that feels good. Total comfort requires a beautiful bathroom that you can delight in. One that sets a positive tone for your day and night. 

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Whole House Design

Re-imagining the Place You Call Home

Lord Design will collaborate with you, the contractor, the architect and all of the related trades to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. We will design everything down to the door bell so that you know what you will be getting and have a real idea of what it will cost. Our process ensures that we pay attention to every piece, big or small, which empowers your contractor, and any other professional on the project, to do their best work, efficiently. A Shared Vision, AKA: Team work

So much of what we do is about details. Some of them mundane, some very exciting but all of them have to come together with teamwork. We compile all of the elements that go into creating the space you wish to call home. We determine the style of each room, source the supplies and document the information. These extensive efforts lend pragmatism to design, and adhere to practical realities. This makes us excellent collaborators with architects and contractors. We don't just present a beautiful design and say "get to work."…well, yes we do but before that work begins we give all the information, visual and written, that we can and then we work in tandem with the build team to ensure the integrity of the design. It really does take a village.

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