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Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Lord Interior Design is an enterprising design agency that is committed to collaboration and innovation through partnerships with contractors, vendors, custom furnishing makers, and the adoption of useful technologies. Offering a full suite of services, Lord Interior Design can treat your entire home, any combination of rooms, or a single space. Through collaboration with contractors, the Lord Interior Design team also works to implement interior design during the construction, or renovation, phase of your home project, embedding style in the structure of your home. Based out of a creative studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, the eponymous agency is led by Interior Designer Arlene Lord.  


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Our Process

The process is the path to success. Our concepts are the result of research, collaboration, modeling, and deep conversations with our clients. We explore what is possible and develop a thorough account of how to achieve it. In turn, our process empowers contractors to optimize their performance, and for us to make sure you come home to a fully-designed, implemented, turnkey home. It’s a beautiful thing.