Creating Beauty in A Sensitve Space

Not even the kitchen can compare with the sensory / sensitive value of the bathroom. Each bathroom in your home is an intimate, private space in which every day begins and ends. Our services not only ensure that those spaces look beautiful, but that they operate in a way that feels good. Total comfort requires a beautiful bathroom that you can delight in. One that sets a positive tone for your day and night. 

Bringing Your Project to Life with 3D Views

Yes, like the kind you see on HGTV. Every single project from our studio gets the 3D treatment so that you can envision what your finished space will look like before work begins. We can play with finishes, textures and colors in the virtual world so that you can have the most complete understanding our concepts for your space. We really do pay attention to every detail, from the doorknobs to the grout, and everything in between. The 3D modeling and simulation software we use allows you, the client, to have 3D views of the whole house so that you can tour your property before a single hammer, or piece of art is lifted.

The Essentials

The architecture of your space is important, but so are the dressings - the finishing touches if you will. We work with local artisans to provide unique, luxurious, beautiful solutions to your home needs. Here's a little of what we do:


This is the icing on a well-baked cake. Decorating a space is about dressing the design of the space. It's about embellishing the elements and structures that have been assembled to create a livable room, or home, for you to live beautifully within.


Little pieces can have a big impact on a room. They are personal, intriguing, and capable of adding an element of intimacy that large pieces and dressings often cannot. When our clients ask us to accessories their home we search high and low. We make every effort to incorporate items from their home, or that they've sourced on their own, and then we search every possible source within our reach to bring in the best pieces.


It's the "hard" items in a home that give structure and form to a room. The power of a bookshelf, cabinet, or armoire to define a space often justifies the creation of exquisite, custom pieces. Commissioning custom case goods is often an investment in the future, too. Those items go onto become heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. We work with trusted bespoke furniture makers in the area so that your investment keeps that work local to your home.


Windows treatments, cushions, bedding . . . these are elements that often define the character and comfort of a room. We can source, or create, the elements that are right for your home, and we can do it all close to home, too.


The right piece of furniture doesn't always exist on a showroom floor. We can have custom furniture created for your space, to accommodate your needs and style. Custom doesn't have to mean expensive, either. We can work within a budget. The fact that we keep all of the work local helps, too. Projects take six to eight weeks to fulfill on average.

Relevant Projects

Whole House Design is about creating the most authentic expression of you in the spaces you call home. It takes a lot of moving parts to make that happen. We roll up our sleeves and make it happen.