beauty is born from the process 

You can hire interior designers to chose materials, pick out furniture, make recommendations and then walk away. Or, you can hire interior designers to work closely with architects and contractors to create or remodel a space that fits the lives of the space’s occupants in a way that elevates function and beauty. Lord Interior Design is invigorated by every detail of how you wish to use the spaces in your home. Those details inform the work we do at the start of the project, so that the labor that comes later is efficient. For us, it’s about planning that includes every piece of furniture and activity that could occur within a space, it's about lining up all of the details required to build, furnish, and decorate that space. We are methodical in our approach and meticulous in concept creation. It all starts with a design consultation. 


Step 1: We Meet

Clients come to us and tell us what their vision is for a life lived beautifully in their space. A consultation with us is as much an introduction to the desired work as it is a deep conversation about the lives that will take place in the spaces our client's hold most dear. You have to see to know, so our team will come out to your home, or commercial space, to investigate with our own eyes the depth and breadth of what we might be taking on. We take those details and catalog them so that we can prepare to design spaces that are both beautiful and pragmatic, so that everyday life can feel exceptional, and most importantly, functional.


Step 2: Getting Underway

If we’ve made it here, it means we are a go. To prepare for concept creation we like to follow up our initial meeting and site visit with a questionnaire. This allows us to mine into the deeper details that we identified while we were at your property. This brings order to our own map of ideas so that we can create the functional spaces you will love to call home.


Step 3: Design

The power is in the doing. We go all in and not only develop a design concept, but capture the information necessary to create technical plans that your architect or contractor can develop their bid on, and execute when it comes time to implement. The details we gathered in the previous two phases allow us to account for the size of every element we introduce in our design, from new columns and windows, to the size of off-the-shelf or custom furniture, and their arrangement around doorways, stairwells, ventilation, and even the morning and evening light. No detail is inconsequential. We are meticulous and we document everything. We identify and source every material, architectural feature, technical function and item, piece of furniture, and son, that we want to incorporate into your home, and then we document the actions and items required to bring those ideas to life.

UPDATED Degner-O'Brien - Kitchen RAYTRACE (1) (1)-01.jpg

Step 4: Concept Reveal

Once our design concept is complete we take it a step further and produce 3D views of your home so that you, and your contractor/architect, can tour the home concept as we imagine it from the ease of your computer, or with us in our studio. Contractors will tell you, the level of detail we compile before implementation makes their work easier. The idea is to ultimately to efficiently get you into the space you will call home.

Lord Interior Design - Prairie Home Reimagined-17.jpg

Step 5: Let The Hammers Fly

This is the nitty gritty. At this point a concept has been adopted and we are either phasing ourselves out of the project, or we are working directly with the contractor to create the space you wish to live in. Structural changes to the home, material treatments, lighting changes, and other fundamental updates are implemented. The addition of furniture, decor, and any staging comes next. No detail is left unattended, the ultimate goal is for you to enter a home that is immediately ready for you to relax and revel in.