North Park Blocks

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Designing a wine bar was a dream come true for me.  My long time friends and clients, Michael and Lynn Madigan, have provided me with so much opportunity to grow professionally and creatively and, honestly, due to the awesome food and drink we have shared, I’ve grown in other ways as well.  When Michael texted me a picture of the space he was considering and asked if I was interested in designing the space.  I very simply and honestly replied, “Hell ya!”.  And off we went on yet another design adventure together and Remedy Wine Bar was born.

Lead Designer, Arlene Lord, Assistant Designer: Stephanie Stephens. Photography by Steve Eltinge of Eltinge Photography.


Remedy might look torn from an issue of Architectural Digest, but this is medicine that goes down easy.
— August 7th, 2013 REBECCA JACOBSON | Bar Reviews/Willamette Week